About me - Michael Dykstra
Lunar Sunset

        Michael Dykstra

Harvard medical student by day (and sometimes night), photographer whenever I escape those commitments, I love telling stories about the world through pictures.  I first entered the world of photography in 2013, when I bought my first camera on the eve of the big admissions test for medical school; however, I think the way I approach photography is heavily rooted in growing up on a farm with a lake in rural Michigan.  The final catalyst that convinced me to buy a camera that fateful night was my trip to Peru, which was only a few short months away.  I knew that without pictures, sharing my experiences about studying abroad in Peru would often be limited to "It was good," or "amazing experience."  Pictures allowed me to bring my friends and family on the trip with me and allow them to get a glimpse into my experiences.  Since then, I have tried to use pictures to convince friends and family that they should all visit Michigan, Iceland, and our national parks, with some success.  I hope you enjoy as well.

I am not doing weddings at this time, but I will be available for hire for other photography engagements in the Boston area.  Please click on the Contact to inquire about quotes.

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